My name is Helen, I am a  wife, married to my husband Michael for 11 years although when have been together for nearly 19 years, I am a mother of 2, a daughter age 21 and a son age 16, I also have 2 grandsons, Isaac and Kesser.

As a child, one of my favourite things was reading, I was lucky enough to have a library across the road from where I lived and that is where I used to spend my Saturdays. I loved the smell of the books, I enjoyed walking passed the bookshelves looking at the different titles, imagining myself as the author.

As a child, and going through school, my favourite subject was English/ English literature, and I absolutely loved writing stories, making up the characters, imagining myself in the position of the lead female character, which is how I imagined what all writers did.  (Although I have never found out if this is true or not).

Although I carried on and studied English at GCSE level, I never took it any further, this was mainly due to family circumstances.

As an adult, I have always continued with my love of reading and I have many favourite authors, including many classic authors such as Charles Dickens.

It is my love of reading that inspired me to get writing again,  when my husband decided he was going to be a driving instructor and he needed to have a website, I was able to do a lot of the content writing  for him.

I then decided that I was going to write, I was going to make myself available to business owners,  I was going to write content, blogs, articles, whatever the people want me to do for them.

I am also going to write a book, something I have always dreamed of doing.

My ultimate aim is to be a successful writer, then all my dream will have come true from my childhood.




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