Everywhere you look, or everywhere you go, whether you are at home, or outside you will see something that has been written whether it is an article in a magazine, a street sign, a menu in the restaurant, a document for work, or even something that has been posted to you.

Do you ever wonder who is behind the writing, does it ever cross your mind who the writers are?

We all know that authors write books, and there are lots and lots of different authors, that write from different genres, that might write a thriller, a crime story, historical fiction, a modern day contemporary book.

But what makes them actually decide to get into writing in the first place, was it always a dream from a young age.

I know for myself, I have always loved reading, and my earliest memories are of reading, having a book in my hand, spending time in my local library, looking at the different books on the shelves, smelling the mustiness of the old books, sitting on a wooden hard chair, flicking through book after book.

One of my all-time favourite writers has got to be the great Charles Dickens, although he would not have been one of the first authors I read, as I do remember reading like most young people, authors such as Enid Blyton, Anna Sewell, Roald Dahl, C.S Lewis and Daniel Defoe.

I was a very able reader from a very young age so I was choosing books that were from a much older selection, and although I remember having a selection of children’s shortened version of some of the better-known classics, such as Oliver Twist, Black Beauty, Treasure Island, A Tale of Two Cities, amongst others.

So I was always a big reader and I always enjoyed having a book in my hand, in actual fact that was probably my favourite pastime, and although I do not get as much time to read, even now I still have a book at the side of me.

I was always writing stories when I wasn’t reading, and loved putting pen to paper, I enjoyed making up characters, always wanting a happy ending.

Although I kept up with reading. I never really continued with writing, never went to college to further a career in writing/journalism. I only really got back into writing when along with my husband, we were considering getting into on-line marketing.

Although this didn’t take off, it actually awakened my interest in writing, and I have since then, wrote articles and blogs for my husband’s driving school website, and I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of articles published by Ezine Articles.


Helen McGowan

Writing is Everywhere

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